How do I send love to something that is negative?

How do I send love to something that is negative?

You have to understand that the emotions that you feel are energetic.  There is an energy being sent to the people you are feeling negative about.  A negative emotion is always being sent by you to another person when you react to them.

We all want to feel the positive emotions more than we want to feel the negative emotions even though we experience them both. You can feel your negative emotions inside of yourself.  That is your first clue that you are holding onto an emotion that you may not have been aware of before.  Do you really want to hold onto any negative emotions?  When you hold onto a negative emotion it grows inside of you and continues to get bigger and bigger until you release it or you finally blow up.  When you blow up you are releasing some of the energy but not all of it.   This is when you need to realize that in order to get rid of all the negative emotion you need to release it, set it free. In order to release a negative emotion you need to love it. You need to send it love so it can dissipate. When you send love to your emotions they fall away. They break up into little particles and just fall away from inside your body.

To send love to an emotion you need to be aware that love over powers the negative. The negative experiences that are showing up are occurring to tell you that you are holding negativity inside of your body. People who push your buttons are merely showing up in your reality to tell you that you are still carrying around some sort of negative emotion from some past experience. When you understand this you can look at your emotions and know that the negativity that is showing up as a result of your buttons being pushed are merely there to give you guidance. They are showing up so you can release them and stop the cycle of that particular negative emotion from coming back again. When trying to release a negative emotion understand that you don’t have to love the person who pushed your buttons, you are merely sending love out to overcome the negative emotion that you have attached to that person.

When you release the attachment by sending love to it you will notice that the person who pushed your buttons will then begin to change. They change because you have released the attachment by sending love which releases the emotion of it. Without the negative emotional attachment being attached you are now free to be with that person without your buttons being pushed. You will see and feel a difference in both of you. It is always your own choice to either send love or stay attached to someone. Keep in mind the more you hold onto your negative emotions the more experiences will continue to show up for you telling you that you are still carrying around that negative emotion. Feel the negative emotion. Acknowledge it. Understand it is only showing you what you are holding inside yourself. Thank this emotion for giving you the message and then tell this emotion you are now releasing it. Feel the negative emotion fall away from your being. Feel the new loving emotion that is now filling this space inside your self.

Angel Amy