Loss or change – How do you see your experiences?

The words loss and change are really all about each individual person’s perception of what they see is going on in their life. You can see your experiences as loss or you can see them as changes.  It is your choice as to how you perceive your experiences. When you see your experiences as loss you will end up feeling more negative than positive. When you see your experiences as changes you will end up feeling more positive than negative. We all choose the way we see our experiences which leads us to the way we feel about them. If you can understand that you have a choice in how you feel you will be able to choose the feelings that help you feel positive. This is what we all want, isn’t it. We all want to feel positive. There is nothing wrong with choosing to see your experiences as change rather than as a loss. When a loved one passes away from reality you can choose to see it as positive or negative.  The positive side shows you that you accept the life path of this person and you see it as their birth into eternity. This way of seeing this experience is for that person’s best interest. It may not be for your best interest but it clearly is for that person’s best interest. You have the choice to feel positive or negative here. When you hear about someone getting a divorce you can choose how you feel about that as well. A divorce is a change in life’s circumstances. If you get out of judging what is going on you will see that what is really happening is change. Divorce means one or both people in a marriage are not happy and they are choosing to change. It may feel negative at first but if you look at others who have been divorced they will tell you that it’s the best thing they ever did. If you can see it as a change you will be keeping your feelings in a positive place rather than the negative place. If you have a son or daughter that is going off to college and you are seeing that as a loss that too is your choice. But that feeling of loss is coming from a place of not allowing your child to grow. That feeling is coming from a place of control. If you let go of control and allow your child to move on with their own life that will change the way you will feel about their experience.  If you can accept their choices and understand they are making them for themselves and not for you it may help you support their decisions in a more positive way. If you suddenly loose your job you can also see this as a positive experience or a negative one. Losing your job is about allowing your life to change. Change is always good if you allow it. If you struggle with it you will not be able to see the blessings in it.  Life is telling you that there is something more out there that you will enjoy doing if you can allow this change to happen without being in the negative place. When you allow life to show up for you and you can see all things as change rather than loss you will be putting yourself in a place where you are adding to your positive life experiences in a huge way. This is where happiness comes from, allowing life to happen without judging the experience as negative. It is always your choice as to how you see your life. Change your thoughts from loss into allowing change to happen and go with the flow of life and watch the miracles take place in your reality.

Angel Amy