Judgment, Judgment, Judgment!!!

Everywhere you go you hear that someone is judging someone else.. Everyone has something to say about how they think or feel someone else should be behaving, acting or living their life. When we can stop judging others and allow them to have their own experiences we are being of so much more support than we could ever imagine. We are all here learning our own lessons for our own spiritual growth. When we give our judgment to someone else the only thing they feel is negativity.  They don’t feel support, they don’t feel love, they don’t feel anything except worse, worse than when they began to tell you their story. When you give your opinion of someone you are giving off a negative vibration that they feel. When you offer support to someone you give off a positive vibration that they feel. When you give someone your advice stop and ask yourself if the remark you gave came from your heart of your head. When it comes from your head it is most likely going to be taken in a negative way.  When it comes from your heart it will always be received in a positive way. The words we say carry a vibration. That vibration is always felt by the person receiving the words. This means your words will either carry a positive vibration or a negative vibration.   What vibration are you sending out to the people you come into contact with today?  Are they positive or negative? Stop and be aware of the vibration you send to those you interact with today.

Angel Amy