Listen to your own heart

Whenever you are faced with making  a decision about something you are wanting to do or to purchase stop and feel where you are coming from when making that decision.

Some people look at the statistics in order to make their decisions.  These statistics have been based upon polls taken by others.  When you make your decisions based on this you need to understand you are giving away your power to others. 

When you listen to what someone else has given their opinion on you are neglecting your own opinion.  You are listening with you mind and not your heart.  

It’s time to start listening to your own heart and not the minds of others.

You are not other people, you have your own thoughts and ideas about things.  You have your own wants and needs.  You are the only one who can choose what is right for you and you do this by listening to your very own heart.

A good example is buying a car.  When you are in the market for purchasing a car for yourself all you need to do is listen to your heart.  Which car gets you excited and feels good to you, which one do you love?  Go with that feeling and don’t listen to what the paperwork says.  Let go of the statistics that are written out.  Just feel with your heart and things will magically work out for you.

We all try to buy the best thing for us, whatever that is, a car, a house, food, a book or any other item we want. We analyze it through other people’s opinions.

I am encouraging you to listen the next time you are making a purchase, big or small, listen to your heart.  Pay attention to what feels right to you. 

The only thing we really ever need to do when making a purchase is to listen to our own feelings.  That is not always easy because there is always someone there to talk us out of the thing that makes our heart sing.

The choice is always yours to make.

You can choose to listen to others or you can choose to listen to yourself.

What are you going to choose to do?

Angel Amy