Are you still searching for your purpose?

Many people spend their lives searching for their purpose. People think that there is something they are meant to do and they will not begin to live and be happy until they figure out what that thing is that they came here to do. We all came here for the experience of this world. Earth is a place of polarity and density.  We have up, down, good, bad, right, wrong, hot, cold, positive and negative, etc, etc. We all chose to come here so we could each experience all that this earth has to offer. People are so determined to figure out, with their heads, why they are here instead of listening to their hearts. The answers they are searching for are in their hearts. Your heart is your connection to your source. When you follow your passion to do whatever it is you are choosing to do you will understand that is when you have found your purpose for being here. Your human mind is part of this density that we experience. Your heart is connected to the lightness that you experience. Your heart is connected to your source. When you listen more to your human mind than your heart you are living in a reality that is not helping you grow into the highest possible being that you came here to be. When you allow your heart to lead you on your path you are choosing to live your purpose while you are here on earth. There are many things that we each came here to experience. Your purpose for being here is to live on this earth with an open heart to the best of your ability. You came here to live this life you chose. Live without expectation. Live with love in your heart regardless of what you see out there. Live each and every day to the very best of your ability with joy in your heart. When you make your choices in this life time make them with unconditional love for yourself and for others. Live your life knowing you came here to experience this life you have chosen and you will be living your purpose. Your purpose is not found in anything you choose to do. Your purpose is found in the feeling that you feel with the choices that you choose to make.

Angel Amy