My son is 22 and has self-esteem issues

My son is 22 and has self-esteem issues. He needs reassurance all the time. I notice he is very controlling with his girlfriend and extremely jealous.  Do you have any insights?  The first thing you need to understand is that your son’s issues are his issues. They are not yours. The best thing you can do for your son is to let him work out his own issues. He will if you step back and allow him to. If he knows you are there to help him with his issues he will never take charge of him self to figure his life out. The more you are there for him the more you become a crutch for him to lean on. If you want him to succeed in life you have to let him go so he can figure it out for himself. He will. Step back and just allow him to be whom and what he wants to be. Stop reassuring him if that is what you are doing. Don’t judge his actions. You may notice once you do step back he may struggle at first with his choices but he will learn to do things on his own once he feels the energy shift. When you step back the energy will shift and he will feel it. This answer is for you because you are the one asking for insight. If he were to ask for help my answer would be different. But he is not asking right now which says that the issue your son is having is really your judgment of what you are seeing. We all judge the people we love. We think we know what is best for them.  We step in and try to help the best way we can. When we can begin to understand that everyone came into this world to learn certain things for themselves it would help people let go of the stress they have by judging what they see is going on. Your son came here to earth to learn something from his condition. Whichever way he chooses to live his life is perfect for him. It may not be what you want for him but he will be in alignment with his purpose when he chooses to take care of himself. This is a big lesson for you as well. When you can understand this and begin to allow your son to make his own choices you too will feel the energy shift. It will shift in you and it will shift in connection to your son. This is a new way of looking at things and it is much needed. The way we looked at things before just wasn’t working for any of us.  When we are open to hearing new ways in which to do things that is what is known as awareness.  Be aware of the way you react to your son. Let go and notice how you begin to feel and then notice how your son feels. Angel Amy