Saying Goodbye to 2018 and Hello to 2019

Endings and Beginnings

Are you ready?

Can you let go of the negative thoughts about what you did not get done this past year?

Can you let go of the thoughts you think that say you are not good enough, that you need to be something other than who you are, that you will never get what you truly want.  Can you let go of those thoughts?  It takes real courage to let those thoughts go but you can do it if you focus on what you are thinking and what you are telling yourself.

Pay attention to your thoughts.  Pay attention to how you feel.  Pay attention to your moments, each and every one of them.

Can you begin to tell yourself that you are doing exactly what you need to be doing?

Can you live in the moment and not project what you should be doing down the road?

Can you allow life to show up for you and expect miracles to happen?

Can you see the miracles in the things that do show up for you?

Can you begin seeing synchronicity in the things that show up?

Can you begin seeing the bigger picture in what shows up for you?

All anyone needs to do is to be in the moment, love the experiences you have and allow life to show you it’s wonder.

There is no need for New Year’s Resolutions.  Those are part of the old paradigm that you no longer live in. New Year’s Resolutions keep you stuck in a program that no longer serves the ones who have stepped into the new energy.

Live each day to the fullest with the awareness that you came here to do just that.

Honor who you are.  Love the choices you have made along your journey and expect life to continue to show you more of who you truly are.

As always it can only be your choice to choose what you want to do.

There is never a wrong choice but your choices will either hold you back or move you forward.

What are you going to choose to do as you step into 2019?

Happy New Year to everyone!!!!!!

Angel Amy