When you give love to another it helps to heal yourself.

When you find things during your day that are not going as well as you would like them to go take a moment and see if there is someone around you, in your home, in your community, in your workplace, that you can offer something to. You will find when you can give, with an open heart, to someone who also needs something you will find that when you do this you are acting from a place of love. You are coming from your heart and not your head. When you do something for someone else when you are having feelings other than joy, you will find that this somehow releases the energy that you were in touch with just a few minutes ago. Your negative feelings will seem to disappear. This happens because you are getting out of your head and into your heart. When you come from your heart space when you are in any situation you will find that the energy coming from your heart heals the emotions that were there that were negative. We all feel negative emotions at some point but when you can practice coming from your heart more than your head you will find this will change the energy inside yourself. When your energy changes and comes from the heart you will be in connection with your own personal power. Your personal power comes from the heart and not the head. The mind is very tricky. It is part of the dense reality that we are living in.  The heart is our connection to our source. When you connect with your heart instead of reacting with your mind you will be able to feel a sense of peace. Start your day with a loving thought that comes from your heart and not your head. Go through your day and notice how often you are in your head and out of your heart. This is just one tool you can use to help yourself get into a more positive place during your day. Pay attention to your reactions and see if you can drop into your heart and send some of that love to whomever you come into contact with during your day.

Angel Amy