Understanding Abundance

Most people think that to have money means you are abundant.  The word Abundance means you have more than enough of something.  It is not limited to money.

Every person has abundance, not every person has enough money to do the things they want to do.

We all have an abundance of air to breath, there is an abundance of people on this planet, there is an abundance of water and food on this earth.  There is an abundance of trees, grass, rock, blue sky, stars, animals, there is an abundance of all of these things and more.  When it rains there is an abundance of raindrops that fall, when it snows there is an abundance of snowflakes that fall.

There is an abundance of knowledge and information at our very fingertips.

We are so very abundant that we are overlooking the abundance we have because many people focus on their lack of money and think that it means they are not abundant. 

Abundance does not mean money.  

Wealth means money. 

When you pray or ask for abundance you are stopping the flow of it because you are feeling you are not abundant because of your lack of money.    

You are abundant but you are lacking money.  These are two separate issues.

Stop asking for abundance because you already are.  Feel into that.

Ask for what it is that you want the money for.   Money is just the means to get the thing you are asking for.  Money is like the middle man.  Let go of the middle man and ask for what you want.

Begin to change the way you ask for what you want.  

You can say, what would it take for this or that to show up.  Leave money out of your questions.

If you need money to pay your bills ask for that.  Ask for your bills to get paid.  Ask the universe to show you how you can pay your bills.

If you need money to fix your car or your home etc.  ask for help to show up.

Ask for what you want but be clear on what you are asking for.   When you ask for money you are usually coming from a place of not having enough money.  That is a vibration of lack that you send out that gets returned to you.

Ask for what you want, leaving out the word money and then feel as if you are receiving it.  

As always it is your choice to do this or not.

What are you going to choose to do?

 Angel Amy