I can tow you out of your misery.

 Questioning Death

When I hear of someone that has passed, is passing or will soon pass, I get a different feeling than others do. When I hear of a death, after I get my selfish ego out of the way, I do feel peace. Because I understand that the person who has just passed away is on his or her way home and they are no longer in pain. That person will be re-united with previous family members who have gone before him or her. They are free of the struggles that occur here on earth. They are no longer questioning the why’s of humanity. They now see all the answers they had questions to while living here on earth.

Their soul is now free and has entered the kingdom of heaven. It suffers no more. When we wake up and become aware of what is truly happening it just makes more sense. From reading Dr. Michael Newton’s books, Journey of the Souls and Destiny of the Souls, I have learned that every thing that happens to us happens for a reason and we are all exactly where we need to be at this very moment and for all the moments to still come. It is human for everyone to feel hurt, compassion, sorrow and anguish and to even question why. The real question here is not why did this happen, but how can I understand better the real reason this happened. When questions arise it just means we do not understand. It means we are searching for an answer. When we do understand something there is no reason to question it. If we can just understand why people die when there seems to be no good reason, if we can just understand that part of it, then maybe that will help us.
I believe that before we came down to earth we had a conversation with God. We told him what we wanted to learn while on our journey through life on earth. We picked several things that needed to either accomplish or that we need to learn. We chose the people in our lives. We chose them while we were still in heaven so when we came to earth they would be here to help us learn our lessons. We chose our family. Every single person in our family agreed to come to earth to help us on our journey.

So for the tragedy that happens for no reason, well it really does have a reason. A tragedy can either make us realize something or it can solely be for the experience of those involved. We need to see it not as a personal attack on ourselves or for the tragedy to make us feel guilty of anything. It is a life lesson that someone needed to go through and that all parties involved already spoke to God about the tragedy before coming into reality here on earth. This was their path they were on and no matter what we think or feel that we could or could not have done to save them, this still needed to happen. It needed to happen in the very way that the occurrence took place.

The person’s life purpose had been completed and now its soul needs to return home to heaven. Their time on earth has been completed.

Death is also our Soul’s Birthday into Heaven. It really is a time to celebrate this person or people who have passed and to be happy for them and happy to have known them even if they are leaving us. They are entering into the unknown and it’s a new beginning for them. It is their Birth into eternity. To me that is a wonderful place to be.

If we can look at death that way it may make it easier on those who are grieving and cannot accept what has just happened. If we can say it was a blessing to have known that person and my life is better because of that person, that is truly a gift we need to cherish. It is not for us to question or judge. It is up to us to deal with what happened and trust that God knows why this happened and that the person’s soul is now safe and back in heaven where it belongs. If we can truly understand that God did not do this to hurt any one of us. It happened as it was planned out to happen. This is where we can find peace inside ourselves.

Forgiveness – Why is it so difficult for us…

When we don’t forgive someone for hurting us it does cause us pain. The anger or resentment we hold for that person attacks our body not the person we think we are hurting. It’s a normal reaction to want revenge, or hold a grudge. We all have done it or are still doing it. But the reality of this word forgiveness goes much deeper than we think.

Because we hold feelings that are not of love, these feelings manifest themselves inside us and eat away at our bodies. The anger or resentment we have towards someone else just mirrors back at us and that is when illness is born.

These feelings take on a more powerful meaning than the words we use to describe the person who has hurt us. The words turn into feelings of hate and it is those feelings that attack our insides, not the insides of the other person. It’s all because we are not seeing through our eyes with love. If we could only take our blinders off and see. We need to start looking at those that hurt us in other ways so we can get past these issues of hurt. If we can truly look at a situation and understand that not everyone thinks the same way we do, not everyone responds the same way we do. If we can understand that much of it, we could be on the path to forgiveness. We don’t need to excuse the act of what has happened to us, but we need to forgive the person for not knowing what they have done to us. They do not know what they have done. They truly don’t and if we can stop and understand that, then we could see more clearly that when people hurt us that it is just a reflection of the hurt they already feel inside of them.

Why is forgiveness so hard for us to do? Because we are human and this may be one of our lessons we need to learn. But we need to learn it in order to get past it. We need to learn the lesson so we can move on with our life. So it doesn’t get inside of us and cause illness and stop us from living the life we are meant to live.

After I learned what the word forgiveness actually meant I took a look at everyone around me and everyone in my life. I was able to let go of a lot of junk that was inside of me that was not for my highest good. I looked at everyone that had hurt me and I finally understood. They did not hurt me on purpose, they did not really mean to hurt me. They were hurt inside themselves and their anger was just being pointed in my direction and the trigger was being pulled by their emotions, not mine. When I could understand that, it was then that I could forgive them. I was able to forgive the people who hurt me for they did not understand themselves what they were actually doing.

I am now able to live in a world of much greater peace and love than I had ever dreamed of. The life we are meant to live is that of love and compassion for each other. If we can love and understand our neighbor then we can walk through our journey on this earth with more grace and ease.

Heaven On Earth is a State of Mind, not a place.

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