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Certified Angelic Life Coach®, Certified Angel Healing Practitioner, Access Consciousness Bars, Practitioner®, Reiki Master
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Certified Angelic Life Coach®

Helping you connect with angels to work with them in your life. Give life purpose readings and work with clients on a continuing basis to help them connect with the energy around them.

Access Consciousness Bars Practitioner®

Providing tools to change things in your life that you haven’t been able to change until now.

Certified Angel Healing Practitioner®

Conduct angel readings, working with the angels for healing. Communicating with angelic realm with you and receive messages, information and Divine guidance and healing from the angels.

Reiki Master

Reiki is a simple, natural and safe method of spiritual healing. It has been effective in helping virtually every known illness and malady and always creates a beneficial effect. It also works in conjunction with all other medical or therapeutic techniques to promote recovery.


“Angel Amy is truly an Earth Angel.  She has a passion for helping one on their journey and she meets you where you are with such compassion and clarity.  Her clearings are a unique expression of divine connection and have helped me to release much density and negative energy, which has resulted in renewed energy and empowerment.  She is the best investment in yourself.  You are worth it!   I am grateful for Angel Amy.”                  

Your Soul Sister from Kansas

“I found Angel Amy several years ago on the internet. I like to listen to free internet talk show’s and especially to the ones that are empowering and helpful. That Amy was and is to this day. When I needed to email or speak to her she is always there for me in a moments notice. Her calming energy and words are reassuring to me and helped me think and feel more from the heart with love. Her guidance during difficult times when I forgot to breath, reminded me to take it easy and from the heart at all times. Thank you Amy, your always in my heart.”  

Trish from the wine are of CA

“My seven year old son has always had difficulty sleeping in his bedroom.  Over the years he has said he sees a monster coming down out of a corner ceiling in his room.  Even if he fell asleep in his room (with me lying next to him) he would wake up within 2 hrs and come into my room.  Amy did a clearing on his bedroom about a month ago.  Since then, he is able to fall asleep much easier and sleep about 5 or 6 hrs before waking up.  He also has spent an entire night in his room without waking up or coming into my room.  He has not done that in his entire life.  Also the corner of the room where he said he used to see the monster is now actually visibly lighter.  Thanks to Amy my son is more relaxed and bedtime is much easier. ”  


“I spoke with Angel Amy last night and I feel so clear and open today!  I have weight off my shoulders that I knew was there. that I was dragging around with me. but I had no idea how heavy it was nor the affect it was having on me.  I can not even purposefully bring up those thoughts that had such strong negative  feelings attached to them.  I am moving forward weighing less than I ever imagined I could!  Thank you so much! ”               

Sheri, Indiana

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