Your emotions always an indication of what you are holding onto.

When something happens to you or you experience something that you don’t like or don’t want, stop and ask yourself what is this experience or this thing showing yourself.  We can all learn something from the experiences that we go through. If you pay attention during your day you will find there are many messages that you can use to walk through your experiences. Your outside world is a reflection of your inside. If you are holding onto anger then that is what your world will reflect back to you as you go through your day. You will continue to see mostly experiences that keep you in an angry place. If you are holding onto resentment from another person your world will give you more reasons to keep that feeling alive inside of yourself. The small feelings that you hold onto will continue to grow bigger. Once they have reached the tipping point you will find you are in a place where you just want to explode. When you react to anyone or anything, it is a sure sign that you are holding onto an emotion that you have been carrying around within yourself. When you can begin to understand that this is how your body works then you can stop and release the negative emotions that you have. Everyone wants to feel good but in order to feel good your emotions have to be positive and not negative. To release your negative emotions you need to first acknowledge them. Then truly feel the feeling your body is sensing. Tell yourself you are choosing to release this emotion from your body and finally let it go. Once you begin to pay attention to your feelings you will be able to pick up on the negative feelings that you carry around within yourself. Then you will be more in alignment with choosing to let them go so you can move through your day in a more positive way.

Angel Amy