Do you judge other people’s experiences that they have?

Do you pass judgment when you see someone having an experience that you don’t understand? Especially when you end up saying something like, how did that happen?   When you see or hear of an experience that just can’t be logically explained or just seems out of the ordinary it is always because someone is learning something from the experience they are having. When we can all stay out of judging what is going on with someone else we will be allowing that person to fulfill their life lesson. Our judgment of someone’s experience should not be a deciding factor for anyone else’s decision. We are all here learning our own lessons and no other person has the exact same lesson that we do. Some may have similar lessons but no one has the exact same lesson as us. If we can all remember that when we see someone going through something we would be assisting them in learning their lessons from a positive place rather than a negative place. It is when judgment gets thrown into the mix that the person learning the lesson is then unable to see what has actually gone on. The person going through the lesson is then more focused on the remarks and judgmental energy that is coming from others and is then distracted from making the proper choice for themselves.  The best thing you can do for anyone going through an experience is to allow them to go through it without saying anything judgmental to them. Support them if they ask for help from you but do not put your two cents in as you will be coming from your reality experience and not theirs. You have no idea what they are truly here to learn. Just like no one knows what you are here to learn. Judgments are always negative. We need to begin to offer support to the people who need it and move out of judgment when we see someone having an experience that we do not understand. We can all go through our lessons more easily if we have people who support us rather than judge us. Supporting someone instead of judging them is the best thing you can do for anyone. Look through loving eyes when you are looking at someone going through an experience and you will be helping rather than hurting them.

Angel Amy