Helping someone who is in pain.

When you allow yourself to feel the pain of someone else’s issues or problems; what you are really doing is going into their world. You leave the place where you are in your physical body and your energy goes into their world. You give your thoughts and feelings to them. You step down from where you are and you begin to feel just as bad, sad, angry, disappointed or as frustrated as they do. You step out of your joy and you now feel their pain. Where does that get any one? Instead of having one person who is in pain what you now have are two people who are experiencing pain. If you allow yourself to feel their pain then understand that it will take twice the amount of energy for you to get back into feeling good within yourself. We tend to think that if we feel their pain that we can somehow take it away for them. That is not the case, in fact it truly only makes the pain grow. The pain we feel for another person is their pain, it is not ours. It is time to step back and really look at what goes on in your day to day interactions with other people. When you can stay in a positive place when you interact with others you are more able to be of help to them. The person who is feeling pain is actually looking for someone to help pick them up because they themselves do not understand how to do that just yet. When you can give a positive response to someone who is hurt you are giving them much more than you think you are giving to them. You are offering them hope. They will feel it within themselves even though they may not mention it. Positive feedback always comes with a positive vibration that is always felt. The next time someone comes to you looking for help because they are feeling down, offer them inspiring words that will help them.

Angel Amy