Your attachment to your emotions are what cause your pain.

When something happens to you that you don’t like and causes you pain it is always the amount of intensity that you put on what you see that causes the pain you feel. The lighter you can be in your moments when something goes the wrong way the less pain you will feel. Detach from the emotion when something does not go the way you want it to and you will feel more of a positive emotion rather than a negative one. The reason you feel pain in the first place is because something has happened that you don’t like. But if you can switch your emotions to a place of acceptance instead of disappointment you will feel lighter. When something you have means a great deal to you and it is taken away from you, you feel the emotion as being heavy and negative. If you can give that thing less emotion and have it not mean so much to you then you wouldn’t feel as bad. The negative feelings always come from the importance you put on whatever it is that you are focused on at that time. Turn your negative emotions into love and acceptance for whatever is going on and you will begin to feel better.   Accept the flow of life. Nothing is ever permanent. Things are always changing. Go with the flow of life and do not put so much importance on the material things that truly do not matter. What really matters to each and every one of us is the felling of love we all carry within our hearts. Tap into your own heart when things do not go the way you think they should and find the love and acceptance for the life you are living. The positive feeling is what we are all searching for. We all have it.

Angel Amy