Your world out there is talking to you. The question is, are you listening?

Everywhere you go there are messages. Can you see them, can you hear them? Are you too caught up in your busy day trying to get to where you are going? Are you in your head more than your heart? If you pay attention to your day as you walk through it you will find that it is talking to you. For instance if you are shopping and it seems like no one is holding the door for you even though you are right behind them, that is a message. If people do hold the door for you, that too is a message. If people seem to be not holding the door for you, stop and ask yourself where is it that you are not being open to something that is going on in your life right now.  The message here is about doors not being open to you.  Or, are you seeing a lot of doors being closed for you? If so the message for you could mean to begin to look in a new direction for whatever it is you are trying to accomplish or gain.  If people seem to be doing something like not holding a door open for you several times during the day it is a message about doors being closed for you. If people seem to hold the door open for you during your day the message could be that there are open doors just waiting for you to open them. You are the only one who can truly tell what the message means for you. We all have our own way of seeing things and we each have to figure out for ourselves what resonates with us and what does not. Be assured that when something happens to you during the day and you notice it, the reason is always that your world is trying to talk to you. When you see the little things that happen to yourself and you take them as messages you will begin to notice more and more of them. The more you notice the more you will see.

Angel Amy