False Evidence/Energy Appearing Real

Fear is one of the illusions we have in this reality.  It is an illusion.  It cannot hurt you.  Only your thoughts and beliefs hurt you.

Fear shows up when you do not trust yourself and when you do not believe in yourself.

When you allow fear to control your actions you give up your own control, you give up your own personal power and you hand it over to this feeling you have.

Fear is not you.  It  is not something that you are.  It’s like a program that you have bought into.  A belief that you are carrying that says you can’t, shouldn’t, you aren’t worthy, etc. etc.

When something shows up that you truly want to do and you suddenly feel fear because the mind pops in and comes up with all the reasons you can’t or shouldn’t do what it is you want, notice what happens.  You have an idea first of what you want but then the mind jumps in. 

These are two aspects of you but you have to be able to understand that the two aspects are different.  They are not the same energy.  One feels positive and one feels resistance. 

It is up to you to choose which one you allow to come up.

As always,  it is your choice.

Only you can make the choice.

What are you going to choose to do?

Angel Amy