Are you allowing life to flow or if you are resisting it?

We all go through our own experiences. It is how you judge what you see that determines if you are allowing life to flow or if you are resisting it. When you try to help someone who you feel needs help what you are doing is trying to take control of that person’s life experience. When you see a person in a situation that you feel is wrong you are merely judging them and not loving them. We all came here to have our own experiences. If we are not allowed to carry out those experiences because a family member or friend or whom ever, feels that we are in need of help we will continue to find ways to experience that until we ourselves learn it, go through it or release it. When you look at someone and go into judgment of how that person is living you need to understand that it is only your judgment of them as not being a perfect human being. No one is perfect. We are all imperfectly perfect. We all have things that we are working on and going through. If you don’t like what you see in another person and you try to step in to help that person what you are truly doing is taking away their human experience that they chose to go through for this life time. You can step in all you want but if there is something that someone came here to learn they will continue to go through that experience until they learn it. This is not about you learning it for them, they themselves need to learn their own lessons and have their own experiences.When people try to intervene with another person the experience does not go away for that person.  It cannot go away until the person is ready to see the issue and learn the lesson for them selves.When people try to help a family member or friend learn their lesson that they cannot yet see, the lesson still continues to get out of hand.  It will continue to grow until the person going through the experience can finally see the lesson for themselves. You can do all you can to help someone but they will only come out of the experience when they have learned what it is they came her to learn for themselves.  They do this by going through the experience. You cannot learn it for them you cannot live their life, you cannot make their pain go away.Allow people to have their experiences. If they ask you for help by all means help.  If they do not ask for help then you are judging something that you are seeing in them that you too are also holding onto within your own emotional body that also needs to be released.When you look at someone going through an experience that you see as wrong, the only thing that is going on here is that you are judging the experience that person is having.There is no right or wrong. There are only experiences. We choose our experiences to go through for the growth of our soul. When you try to make sense of the experiences that you or any other person chooses to go through you are only seeing through your human eyes.  Remember you are a spiritual being having a human experience. Take the judgment out of what you see through your human eyes and look with your spiritual eyes. If you can do this you will see the difference in what you were viewing with your eyes. What ever it is you are looking at and judging, understand that there is always more to the story than what the human eye can see, Always.

Angel Amy