Working on it.

There is never anything you need to work on in life.  The only thing that needs working on is your judgment of what is going on.  Work on letting go of judging the things that are happening to you.  Work on forgiving and loving yourself.  Those are the things that need working on not the things you are doing or trying to do.

If there is something in your life that you are wanting to do and you cannot see how you will be able to do/accomplish it then stop and wait for the inspiration to come.  It will, it will only be your judgment of it NOT coming that will frustrate you.  Have some faith, have some confidence,  have some understanding that things happen when you are open to them happening.

You cannot force life to do what you want it to do.  The only way to get what you actually want is to be patient and allow the universe to bring it to you.  It will.

If you think you need to work on being a better person/parent/friend/lover, don’t go into feeling you need to work at it.  Just begin, just be it, be aware of what you are doing and the choices you are making.  If you think you are doing something wrong because you haven’t been the best you can be then thinking that thought takes you out of creating the person you do want to be. 

Your  judgment of your life is not accurate.  We have been taught by society that we are not enough, that we are not good enough because of  whatever it is that we have already done.  This is not accurate.  You have done the best you could with the knowledge that you have already within you.  This doesn’t mean you cannot expand and grow into being  better, it just means you have to accept the person you are in order to continue to grow and move forward. 

If you want to grow and move forward all you have to do is stop working  so hard on your life and just allow it to happen.  Shift your focus on the good things you have accomplished.  Let go of the negative, they have been there to help guide you just as much as the positive.

Feel the energy of “I have to work on this” and then feel the energy when you let that thought go.

You are the only one who can change the things in your life.  Begin with changing how you see your life.  Begin by letting go of your judgment of the things you think you are doing wrong and begin to love yourself from deep within.

This is a journey we are all on here.  A journey of self discovery.  Nothing we have done in the past is wrong but you are the only one who can make that decision for yourself.  Just keep on discovering the person that is inside of this human vehicle.  There is more to you than you are able to grasp at this moment.

As always, this is a choice only you can make.

A choice to stop working so hard on your life or continue to work hard on your life.

What are you going to choose to do?

Angel Amy