The flow of life

When you move with the current of life you are in the flow and life seems to be smooth. When you resist the flow of the current that is when problems begin to show up. When problems appear in your life stop and ask yourself if you are going with the flow or are you resisting what is appearing in front of you. It is only the resistance to your experiences that keep your life from going with the flow. Let go of the oars and just drift and watch what happens to your problems.   When you continue to paddle upstream you will find that it does take a long time for you to get where you are paddling to. If you are meant to get somewhere or be somewhere all you have to do is understand that you will get there.  If you can begin to let go of whatever it is you are pushing against you will find yourself in the natural flow of your life. When you begin to let go and be flexible with your life you will begin to see new doors open for you. You can never see the doors of opportunity when you are in resistance. Allow yourself to begin to flow with the experiences that show up for you in your life. Let go and trust that you are exactly where you are meant to be at every moment in your life. If you can live in that awareness you will begin to find that the path you are on is moving more smoothly. See the perfection in where you are and the perfection of life will find you.

Angel Amy