FEAR – False evidence appearing real

What if fear was excitement in disguise? Do you think you would be able to move forward through the fear and into the unknown? The next time you are confronted with what you feel is fear, stop and ask yourself if this could possibly be excitement. If you can be aware of your feelings you may be able to walk through your experiences and see them as excitement and not fear. Fear puts limits on your situations. Excitement is filled with eagerness and allows you to move forward. We have given the unknown a label and that label is fear. We all tend to fear the unknown. We have all been taught to be careful of what we do not know is ahead of us. What if we could change our thinking about the unknown and turn that fear into excitement. Change the unknown label to a label that will help allow yourself to walk through it. Change the programming you have been using from scary to excitement and watch yourself walk through the so called fear that has been holding you back.   Start with something little and then gradually move into your bigger fears and change the fear into excitement as you move along. We are the only ones who have been holding ourselves back from moving forward in our own lives. We hold the key to what we choose to think. We keep the programs running in our minds. If we can let go of the ways we were all taught to think and feel and begin to listen to our own selves then we would be able to step into a more positive way of life. If we could each make our own choices to change this fear programming we would soon find there is nothing in this world that we cannot accomplish if we allow our hearts to lead us.Step out of fear and into excitement and watch your world change.

Angel Amy