Stepping into 2019

2019 is about the choices you choose to make.

As we step into 2019, I have a very important message for you,  stop trying to figure it out.

Whatever “It” is.  Stop trying to think your way through it.

We are all being guided to begin to feel our way through life and the situations and experiences that are in front of us.

We can no longer get through this reality using the mind to TRY and figure it out.

When you try and figure things out you are not understanding that you are stopping the flow of life.  You are putting the brakes on life flowing to you.

Feel the energy when you say the word TRY.  Then feel the energy when you let it go.  Just allow.  Allow life to show up for you.   It will if you let the mind relax and sit next to you.

When you are able to see the bigger picture of what is going on in your life you are more able to allow life to show up without trying.  Anything that does show up in your reality IS something you CAN get through.  Getting through life in an easy way is to allow it and take steps in the moment to walk through it.

Let 2019 be the year of you trusting yourself, allowing life, having compassion for yourself, knowing you are being guided, believing in yourself and most importantly LOVING YOURSELF!!!!

Problems have a way of magically working themselves out when you can let go of TRYING.  Just allow and watch what happens.

May you all be filled with a sense of confidence as you begin this new year!!!!

As always this is a choice that only you can make.

Making this choice will bring changes into your life.

What are you going to choose to do?

Angel Amy