Why don’t people listen?

Why is it that people don’t listen to us when we give advice that we know they could benefit from?  We see the answers for others but they don’t listen to us.

Why is that?  Why do people go through painful experiences that could have been avoided had they listened?


Because those people needed to have that earth experience for their souls growth.  It is extremely important to remember that people go through experiences that they are meant to go through.   Not because they want to on the human level but they need to on the spiritual level.

We all have agreed to go through experiences before we came here.  Once here on earth the mind begins to step in.  The mind judges the experiences we go through and we then feel bad about these experiences.   You cannot get around going through any experience that you have already planned to go through. 

All experiences have spiritual growth in them regardless of how you judge them.

Some examples of how we beat ourselves up are:

  • Why did I continue a relationship that everyone knew would fail?
  • Why did I not stay in school and get a good education?
  • Why did I stay with that person so long before I finally left the relationship?
  • Why did I take the car out that time I got into the accident?
  • Why did my life not turn out the way I thought it would?
  • Why am I going through this horrible situation that I cannot control?
  • Why am I depressed and not having any fun like everyone else seems to be?
  • Why do I never seem to have enough money to get out of debt?

Why do we all make choices that we regret later on?  Because we don’t understand that the choices we make are coming from our guidance system that does understand that we need this experience for our own spiritual growth.   When you can truly understand this you can begin to let go of the negative emotions attached to these experiences and begin to move forward.

You cannot get around your life lessons.  Embrace them for you are the one who chose them on another level. 

You did not agree to go through only good experiences.  You also chose the negative ones.  The negative ones are not bad they are just negative.  You cannot go through positive experiences without knowing negative experiences. 

When we step away from judging our experiences we can let go of the guilt and shame that we carry with us.  We set ourselves free.  Free to live how we choose to live without beating ourselves up. 

It doesn’t matter if you are going through a negative experience or a positive experience, the only thing that matters is HOW you go through your experiences, that is what truly matters.

As always it is up to you to choose what you believe.

Your beliefs create your reality.

No one can choose this for you.

What are you going to choose?

Angel Amy