Negative emotions are always triggered by someone or something outside of yourself. Whenever you react to someone or something the reaction is telling you that you are holding onto an emotion. If someone tells you something that you react to and it makes you feel negative then you are holding that negative emotion inside yourself. It needs to be released so that other experiences like that do not continue to keep showing up. When you hold a negative emotion inside yourself you will keep having negative experiences show up in your reality. If you can look at what is going on with yourself and if you see that you keep having the same negative experience with the same theme then stop and try to feel what negative emotion is inside your body.  Once you can feel the emotion you can deal with it and let it go. Once you have a negative emotion you will find that you carry it around with you until you let it go. Consciously be aware of it and let it go. Negative feelings need to be acknowledged and then let go of. You cannot burry them inside yourself for that is what will attract your next negative experience to you. To let go of a negative emotion you have to consciously look at it, feel it and tell it that you see it and it has served you. Tell it that you are now choosing to let it go as it no longer serves you as you move forward on your path. When you do this you must trust that what you have said is all you need to do. Negative emotions stay inside yourself until you consciously choose to let them go.

Angel Amy

Negative Emotions