The difference between the New Earth and the Old Earth.

The old earth is the 3rd dimension.  The old earth is where we play out our reality in a very dense way.  We can only see and feel the density of the limitations that are there.  It is where we play out certain Karmic cycles that we learn to let go of.   It is a playground for the human aspects of ourselves to choose to either stay there playing in that reality or to begin to move out of it.  We are not meant to stay in one particular dimension, we are meant to experience,  grow and expand as we move through the dimensions here on earth.

The new earth is the 5th Dimension.  But it is not limited to just the 5th, this is just the next Dimension available to us as we grow and expand our awareness.  The possibilities are endless as we keep moving forward.  The only thing that ever slows us down is our perception of who we are. 

We are multi-Dimensional beings that came to this earth to experience, expand and continue to grow.  We can only do this if we let go of our limited thinking that keeps us in a lower place. 

With each dimension there comes a feeling.  This feeling determines your vibrational state of where you are.  The higher the dimension the better feeling you get.  The better feeling you get the higher you raise your vibration.

The choices and decisions that you make will determine the dimension you will be in.

No dimension is right or wrong, they are just different and can only be stepped into by the perception of the individual.

As always the decision is always yours to make.

What are you going to choose to do?

Angel Amy