Listen to your Heart

We are heading into a time and place on our earth experience where we are now being guided to go within.  Go within yourself and listen to what your heart is saying. Your heart is your connection to your divine self.  Move away from listening to your head and begin to listen to your heart.  Let go of judgment, of what you should or should not do.  Let go of the judgment of what people say and think of you.  Let go of acting the way someone else expects you to act.  Let go of what society has told you. Let go of wanting to be like someone else. Accept that you are perfect just the way you are with all the things that you think are wrong with yourself.  You came here perfect.  We all cannot look and act the same way.  We are all uniquely different which makes us beautiful just the way we are. Take out the wrong and right of what you see in front of yourself.  Judgment is the only thing that makes you see anything as wrong or right.  Everything just is. We are now able to step into being who we came here to be. No one came here to be anything other than themselves. Change the things that you see as negative and begin to see the positive in them. There is always a reason things don’t work out the way we want them to. Your higher self knows what you want.  The human that you are is trying to figure it out.  The human mind does not know how things are going to work out but the higher self does.  Let go and allow your higher self to come into your awareness. This is now a time that the human being is going to be able to connect with their own divine channel inside of themselves.  When we are open to listening to our own hearts we are tapping into our divine essence. Let go and allow the real you to come forth and help you connect with unlimited possibilities that await you as you step forward on your path here on earth. We are all spiritual beings having a human experience. The question you need to ask yourself is, what channel are you going to be tuning into, your human channel or your spiritual channel. Find your dial and put it on the channel you want.

Angel Amy